Dreams Do Come True!

Since the age of 5-years-old, I have been journaling and thanks be to God, it wasn't in vain! Each of my books and anthology contributions tells a story of my life, a life that wasn't easy but by the grace of God, I'm still here! Go with me on my journey from Victim to Victorious, from Broken to Blessed!

Why Choose Us?

It is my mission to empower, encourage, uplift and inspire women from across the globe to love themselves the way God loves them and to see themselves the way God sees them, through His lens.  Through the testimonies shared, it is my deepest desire that women will come to realize their worth and recognize their Queenly value. It's a great day to be a woman!

About Us

Robin M. Sample, BA, MSW

International Bestselling Author & Motivational Speaker

I am a woman with a story to tell & a testimony to share! My road through life has not been the easiest. Through many trials, tribulations, mountain highs and valley lows, I have learned that no matter what I have faced, God has been with me.  I have felt like giving up on numerous occasions but God held me and said 'One More Step!' So, I took one more step and here I am...exactly where I'm supposed to be!

A portion of my story of survival was featured in the film, 'She Wins Beyond The Bruises', produced by Dr. Tamika Hall of TamikaInk and directed by Tee Tunnell Harris of Keys Productions.  

The film is available for rent or purchase at shewinsfilm.com

I am so proud of this woman, who I am blessed to call my mom. She has been through a lot and she wanted to give up so many times but her faith kept her pushing forward.  I admire her so much.  I thank God for blessing me and my brother, Jay, with her!

JaQuaya L. Beasley

As im in my prayer room ..I reflected back to the question you asked and I still say the book!! I feel like you want some specific things..So your transparency,your determination,how you just keep going when a lot would’ve made their way to suicide, how you still going ,your courage that’s just some I did notice our grand parents share the same departing date of Nov17 years just different and it was my grandmother for me..Again I just loved the book itself..Myself I begin to write but I always stop why Idk maybe because I’m not well with writing as I am with talking..Again Be BLESSED and thank you..

Yashica Beulah

Thank You. I’ll always support you. You’re a Blessing to all of us. Keep letting GOD use you. I love you too 💕

Starlene Ames